The Field

We organise games of paintball on an outdoor field for general public. You can visit us to have a game with your friends or arrange a teambuilding with your colleagues.
  • Up to 16 players can take part in a game.
  • Accurate markers, quality ammunition
  • Clean protective equipment and clothing is a matter of course.
  • Our place is also suitable for barbecue events.

Pravidlá hry

Pri zdržiavaní sa na ihrisku alebo v jeho blízkosti platia pravidlá ktoré si môžete prečítať tu.

The Equipment

The Mask

a whole-head, double-glassed, anti-fogging
protective mask

The Vest

softens the impact when hit (optional)

The Overall

covering the whole body, with a reinforced collar part and protective gloves

Fedo action

The Magazine

Capacity: 200 rounds

The Marker

a proffesional paintball marker Tippman Rental 98 set for 30-meter range


A gas tank carries the propellant.

Price list

Extra ammunition can be bought on the spot if needed. The game lasts for 3 hours including the briefing and waiting for late commers.



  • - 100 rounds
  • quality paintballs

The Game


  • - renting the field and the equipment per capita




Online order

Dont hesitate to contact us!

You can make your orders via the contact form, e-mail, or the phone number

The field is located just behind the Shell gas station, at the address: Južné nábrežie 2387/19, Košice
0907 155 212

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